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NOT safe for work or minors - if you are one of the above, GO ELSEWHERE! If you see a picture of yours that you want removed, you'll have to send me the link/date posted/etc. - but why did your dumb-ass post it to the internet anyway? If you put it on the Internet, then you want people to see it, so stop bitching when you see your pic other places. If your close circle of friends took it and posted it from a private group, then chew their ass out, not mine.

YouTube comments aren’t “just the Internet.” They’re not the product of a group of otherwise nice guys who suddenly become evil when they wear a veil of anonymity. YouTube comments are actually a nightmarish glimpse into the sexist attitudes that define the fabric of our own existence in the “real world,” a world that, like YouTube, is owned and dominated by men. The most terrifying gift that the Internet has given us is that it’s shown us how men honestly perceive the world: as a place where women exist exclusively for their sexual pleasure.

In the wake of VidCon, and as more and more women start speaking up about the harassment they face online, it’s time to start realizing that our narrative of progress is deeply flawed. Things aren’t getting better for women on the Internet; they’re deteriorating and ignoring the problem amounts to being complicit in it.




Rock was bused to schools in predominately white neighborhoods of Brooklyn, where he endured bullying and beatings from white students. As he got older, the bullying became worse and Rock’s parents pulled him out of James Madison High School. He decided to drop out of high school altogether and later received a GED.

Just a reminder: Racism is not restricted to the South and it never was.

A wise black man once told me “that whites in the south like niggas in particular, not in general, and whites in the north like niggas in general, not in particular.”

my great grandma used to say that too^

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purpleshortie asked: My first experience with racism was in 3rd grade and having my friend's sister lick me and telling me I didn't taste chocolate; Then her mom "explained" I was just burnt cause God left me "in the oven too long".



The fucking fuck!?